5 Ways To Use Our Condiment Bowls

by Pottery For The Planet on April 06, 2022

We’ve all heard the common adage “reduce, reuse, recycle”. When it comes to sustainability it is vital we find ways of reducing how much we consume, reusing what we have and recycling what we can no longer use. 

Today we are adding in a fourth R: Repurposing. 

One way we can help the planet is by investing in pieces we will want to keep, not just for a dinner party or a season, but well into the years. Repurposing allows us to prolong the use phase of what we buy. With the launch of our new Condiment Bowls, we thought we would give you some inspiration on just some of the many ways you can use them (hint: they aren’t just for condiments!) 

Candlestick Holder

Up your mood-lighting game by placing a candlestick in The Dip Bowl. The deep belly of Dip can collect pooled wax to ensure clean up doesn't kill your vibe. The high walls effortlessly display our Australian landscape-inspired glazes to add an earthy detail to any space. If a pop of colour is more your thing, check out our glazes “Raspberry Beret” and “Angelic”. Give your dining table, bedside table or even workspace a touch of soft ambience.

To keep your candle secure, melt the base slightly with a lighter before placing in your Bowl. Hold and allow the wax to harden.

To clean the wax, simply microwave your dish (be careful, they get hot!) until the wax is soft again and can be easily scooped/rinsed out! You can also melt your used wax down and create more candles if you are feeling crafty!

Candles In Ceramic Bowls


Jewellery Dish

Sweet little Pinch Bowl’s shallow depth and soft rim allow it to easily serve as a ceramic ring dish. Just add your rings, necklaces and trinkets for safekeeping. Place one on your vanity so your favourite pieces can be elegantly displayed for you to choose from each morning. Alternatively, a Pinch on your bedside table makes for beautiful and functional bedroom decor for you to place your daily jewels in each night. Whether you like simplicity or statement pieces, there is a Pinch Bowl glaze to match your style. 

Two Condiment Bowls Holding Jewellery


Smudge Bowl 

The natural clay of our ceramic pieces gives them an innately grounded feeling. In The Share Bowl and The Pour Bowl, sturdy stoneware and gentle curves meet in perfect harmony. Pottery For The Planet co-founder, Clare, happens to stock ​​palo santo, incense and smudge sticks in her other business, Cinnabar Soul - so you can transform your Share or Pour into a smudge bowl and support another Australian business. Pick a Bowl glaze that matches your vibe and add to your yoga space, altar or any room that needs a little more balance.

Sage Smudge Stick In Bowl On Linen Cloth 

DIY Face Mask or Body Scrub

Turn your kitchen into a spa by using The Pinch Bowl to mix up a DIY face mask. Opt for natural, locally sourced and organic ingredients like oats, honey and clays (all of which you can generally find at bulk or health food stores, often single-use plastic free). Find combinations that suit your skin in a face mask Bowl that is unique as your complexion. For a body scrub, The Share Bowl has room enough to mix a body scrub together. Try balancing sugars (brown, coconut, refined - use what you have!) and vegetable/nut oils (apricot, jojoba, sweet almond -  to name but a few!) for both exfoliation and hydration.

Pink Clay Face Mask In Condiment Bowl On Linen Cloth 

Craft Storage

Dip Bowls and Pinch Bowls are a crafter's best friend! Use a couple to separate your beads, fastenings, sewing pins and the like. Mix and match glazes if you’re an eclectic creative, or add a touch of refinement to your studio (even if it's your office desk or bedroom floor!). These Bowls will be sure to inspire your creative flair as being handmade, no two are alike.  

Craft And Bead Storage In Bowls On Wooden Board And Linen Table Cloth



All Condiment Bowls are available in our signature Pottery For The Planet glazes and with four shapes to choose from there is something for everyone and everything! Pair with a candle, locally crafted piece of jewellery or cleansing herbal bundle as mentioned above for a thoughtful gift. Or, treat yourself! Have you found your own creative use for our Condiment Bowls? We would love to see! Tag us on Instagram @PotteryForThePlanet and use the hashtag #PotteryForThePlanet for a chance to be featured.