Be part of the solution! Our Borrow Cup System is the next step in ensuring disposable cups don't end up in our landfill or the ocean.

We're providing our wholesale community with the opportunity to stock our Borrow Cup System - a fully fledged mug library that completely negates the need for any kind of single-use cups.
Eliminate Coffee Cup Waste

1.2 billion coffee cups end in our landfill every year. By choosing reusables and implementing our Borrow Cup System you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint while educating your customers.

Busting The Myth

Many cafes have made the switch to compostable coffee cups in an effort to reduce waste using a sustainable alternative in their processes. The issue is that Australia currently does not have enough composting facilities in place to make this a viable, every-day option. Therefore millions of compostable cups are being wrongly disposed of and end up in landfill where they do not break down and instead release methane which is 23 times worse for the environment than CO2.

The Only Real Alternative

When it comes to reducing waste the only truly sustainable option we have is to halt the production of more waste. This is the foundation upon which our reusables are built. By ensuring products are used to the maximum extent of their lifespan we can eliminate/slow waste generation for a greener future.


Do you want to get involved in this sustainable solution? Follow this process to stock our Borrow Cups and make a difference.

1. First up you will have to be or sign up to become a stockist of Pottery For The Planet. (Read about the benefits of becoming a stockist here.)

2. We will assess your application and grant you access to our Wholesale Website.

3. Log in and place your Borrow Cup order. All Borrow Cup packs come with collateral and guidelines to successfully implement the system in your business.

4. Once set up, ensure your team is educated on the process & benefits and ready to relay the info to your customers, sparking positive sentiment towards the Borrow Cup System. Your customers will be talking about this planet-friendly program long after they've had their first sip.

6. Congrats! You're on your way to reducing single-use cup waste and saving the planet one cup at a time!