Where It All Started

Pottery For The Planet is the creative love-child of Renton Bishopric and Clare Botfield. These two artists and passionate activists were drawn together through environmental campaigning back in 2006, and have continued to campaign (and do life) together ever since.

Renton honed his craft under the guidance of his father, Steve Bishopric, a local who began his own pottery journey in Auckland. Renton’s parents would later move to Australia and establish Nob Creek Pottery. This family studio became an iconic Australian studio, with many visiting international potters passing through. Renton has fond memories of staying up at night with visiting artists to fire the kiln. Their influence, as well as his Kiwi heritage continues to be an inspiration for Renton.


Clare’s strong connection with the Earth stems from a childhood spent aiding her parents while they ran an Australian Native Plant Nursery. This connection grew when, in her early twenties, she began lending her voice to environmental campaigns. A visual artist and designer, she brings her passion and creative flair to Pottery For The Planet.

A Seed Is Planted

Pottery For The Planet Takes Root

Pottery tools On Table Including Sponge And Shaping Tools

Renton’s work, “Coal for Breakfast?” won the major prize in the Queensland Regional Art Awards. Clare and Renton used the prize money to invest in creating Pottery For The Planet.

Old Horse Stables In Mt Coolum

The couple setup Clare’s Cinnabar Soul storefront, in the vibrant hinterland town of Eumundi and established Pottery For The Planet’s very first studio in a friend’s old horse stables.

Man Bent Over Pottery Wheel Shaping A Reusable Travel Cup

The team expands!

The first official team member, Stephen Roberts, came on board to throw his potting talents into production.

The First Travel Cup

Where We Are Now

In just a few short years Pottery For The Planet has...