Conscious Ritual for Sustainable Living

by Pottery For The Planet on June 02, 2020

Sustainability in life and business is a key priority for the whole Pottery For The Planet team. After all, our purpose is to make it as simple and inspiring as possible for people to make conscious choices for the Planet. We’re here to contribute to the Earth’s long and healthy life, by eradicating single-use culture and plastic waste across the globe.

It inspires us that the people of Pottery For The Planet are dedicated to leading a sustainable lifestyle, and we want to share some insights with you on how they do it. Over this series, we’ll introduce you to the humans who bring your handcrafted reusable Planet Cups and Planet Bowls to you, and share some of their best tips for living a conscious and sustainable life. 

Today we’d like you to meet the incredible Bec, our Business Development and Wholesale Manager, and founder of Stass & Co.

Bec holding Sandy mug

As well as looking after all our beautiful Pottery For The Planet Stockist partners, Bec is an experienced yoga instructor and creator of the eco-friendly Stass & Co Body Brush. Bec infuses our Noosa Pottery Studio with her vibrant and soothing energy every day; an energy she says she gets from her Vedic Meditation and yoga practice, the ocean and her devoted morning ritual, centred on Ayurvedic philosophy.

Read on to learn the exact steps of Bec’s conscious rituals for sustainable living.

Conscious Business

As a passionate advocate for personal and planet health, it’s important for Bec to surround herself with people and businesses who are actively working to make a positive difference in the world. In her own business, Stass & Co, she chooses to partner and collaborate only with other conscious businesses who are doing their bit to heal the Planet.

Her work at Pottery For The Planet allows her to be in constant discussion with cafe and store owners across Australia and New Zealand who are keen to lessen the impact cafe culture has on Mother Earth. Together, Bec and our wholesale partners continually work towards reducing plastic and single use waste across the retail and hospitality industries. 

Bec is all about using and creating products that last, in an effort to reduce waste. She has crafted her Body Brush with luxurious walnut wood and sisal bristles from the Agave plant so that the brush will stand the test of time and have minimal impact when it does go back to the Earth. This perfectly aligns with our philosophy at Pottery For The Planet - our handcrafted ceramics are made from the Earth, for the Earth, and save over 1 million plastic takeaway cups going into landfill every year.

Top 3 Tips for Plastic Free Choices

Bec is an ocean-lover, as are so many of our Sunshine Coast based team. So it’s essential for her to be doing what she can to eradicate the plastic-waste pollution that is harming our oceans and marine life. Here are some of her top tips for reducing plastic waste:

Bec at beach with Stass & Co body brush

    1. Use only organic, plastic-free beauty products. As many commercial hair and beauty products are filled with micro-plastics, and packaged in plastic, Bec steers clear. Instead, she uses Noosa local skincare products from Ila and Ava, who are focused on Earth-friendly ingredients and packaging.
    2. Grow your own herbs and vegetables, or source from local Farmers Markets. The aim is to avoid buying any herbs or veggies that are packaged and transported in plastics. You get the health benefits of fresh, in-season produce, and it’s a great way to support local growers, or to connect with nature if you’re growing your own.
    3. Stop using single-use takeaway cups and bowls. Bec uses her Planet Cup whenever she’s out and about, and now that the Planet Bowl is here, she’s starting to get her weekly takeaway treat in her Ocean Bliss Planet Bowl, rather than a yucky plastic container. 

Bec’s 10-Step Morning Ritual:

Before Bec joins us in the studio at 8am every morning, she takes time for a sacred Ayurvedic practice to nourish and centre herself for the day. She shares her complete ritual below, and assures us that even if you don’t have the time to complete all of these practices, adding just one or two into your morning ritual will make a positive difference to your days, your health and your life:

  1. Rise at 4am
  2. Oil pulling with coconut oil and tongue scraping with copper scraper (an ancient Ayurvedic practice to detoxify the body)
  3. Dry Body Brush the whole body with The Body Brush by Stass & Co (you can check out the instructions here)
  4. Abhyanga (self-massage) with sesame oil
  5. Lymphatic drainage facial massage with Restore Face Oil by Ila and Ava
  6. Breathwork
  7. Vedic Meditation
  8. Yoga Practice
  9. An ocean dip (yes, even in winter) to cleanse and invigorate
  10. Journaling with a Pottery For The Planet artisan mug full of warm lemon water, local honey and Tremella from Superfeast

Bec’s Morning Brew:

Bec starts her work day with a delicious and nourishing brew in her Sandy Planet Cup. She makes it at home, pops the lid on her cup for the drive, and it’s still warm when she sits down at the desk to dig into her emails. 

Check out the super simple Chaga Brew recipe below:


Coconut Milk


Local Honey 

Chaga from Superfeast 

Pottery For The Planet Sandy Mug and Superfeast Tremella and Lemon

Chaga Benefits:

Boosts energy

Great for immunity 

Gut health 

Reduces stress and fatigue 

Manages inflammation 

We hope this has given you some simple suggestions for how to reduce your environmental impact and introduce some nourishing ritual into your life. Stay tuned for the next instalment of The People of Pottery For The Planet.

Want a beautiful, handcrafted ceramic mug like Bec's to start your morning off right? Check out the Pottery For The Planet Artisan Mug Collection here.