Discover Our Pottery With Our Mission And Our Makers

by Ella Smith on January 23, 2023

Pottery For The Planet is a labour of love that blends sustainable business and artisan crafting to bring you Australia’s number one reusable ceramic coffee Cup alongside a range of showstopping Tableware, Vases, Mugs, Teapots and More. All our Pottery pieces are an extension of our mission and the talent of our team of makers. Learn more about why we do what we do and meet the folks who help us do it!

Our Mission: 

We’re passionate about crafting ceramic wares of the highest quality using traditional techniques, updated with contemporary sustainability in mind. Since we began in 2015, we’ve been providing single-use alternatives that blend functionality and style. It’s Pottery you’ll love for a lifetime, and actually want to use in place of disposable plastics. Ultimately, we want to make your journey towards plastic-free living simple, stylish and sustainable.



Founded by two artists (Renton Bishopric and Clare Botfield), Pottery For The Planet is invested in keeping the legacy of the ceramics tradition alive while we care for our planet. Our values and appreciation for the craft are at the heart of everything we do, and the hands of our Pottery team are what enable us to bring both to you. There are numerous artisan crafters who make our two Australian studios and partner studio in Vietnam so special - meet them below!




Renton Bishopric Holding Pottery


Renton Bishopric

Pottery For The Planet's co-founder Renton, launched the business in 2015 with our beloved Travel Cups. Renton doesn't just have an entrepreneurial streak and love for environmental advocacy, he also happens to be a Potter himself! He learnt the trade from his two Potter parents and inherited their love of ceramics. He believes in making everyday domestic items both beautiful and planet friendly, blending traditional techniques with an updated approach that values sustainability.


Stephen Roberts in the studio

Stephen Roberts

Stephen has been with Pottery For The Planet since its beginning in 2015! Stephen left his plumbing job in 1990 to focus on mastering the art and creativity of shaping and glazing ceramics - and we’re so glad he did! Stephen’s craft is inspired by traditional Japanese forms of pottery, which he has brought to life with his bestselling Travel Cup glaze, Shino Yaki.


Bigna Roner

Bigna Roner 

Bigna joined the Pottery Family in 2021, finding clay work therapeutic and appreciating the practice in patience. She loves its hands-on nature and is inspired by natural and experimental forms. Bigna now manages our Noosa production studio, with creative flair and an eye for organisation.

Western Australia 

Matt Griffiths With A Pottery For The Planet VAse

Matt Griffiths

Matt Griffiths crafts out of the second Pottery For The Planet Studio in the small coastal town of WA’s Cowaramup. Matt’s mastery of glaze techniques is inspired by his love for the ocean and the place where he is happiest, fishing. Matt has been behind some of our most-loved glazes, (including Coral Dreaming and Midnight on Mars).



Vietnam Studio Potter's The Toans

The Toans

The Toan family have been working with the Bishoprics (Renton, our founder’s family) since 2003. Mrs Toan’s studio is located in a small ceramics village on the banks of the Red River, rich in clay. On a visit to Vietnam many years ago, the Bishoprics began a friendship with the family, and mentored Mrs Toan in exporting her team’s wares over the next five years. Renton has continued fostering this relationship, and the Toan and Bishopric collaboration lives on in Pottery For The Planet.

The Vietnam artisans are masters of slip cast molding, and are able to deliver uniformity in the shapes Renton has designed for our tableware range, vases and teapots. We are continually blown away by the level of skill these artists display after generations of mastery, and Renton visits Mrs Toan’s studio as often as possible to learn even more about the craft and bring our latest designs to life. 


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