Gift Ideas For Father's Day

by Pottery For The Planet on August 23, 2022


Ready to celebrate Father’s Day 2022!

When is Father’s Day in Australia?

Father’s Day is celebrated on the 4th of September in Australia.

This means, now’s the perfect time to find some inspiration and look for the right sustainable gift for the dad, the myth, the legend, using our Father’s Day Gift Guide . We’ve handpicked a range of mindful and eco-friendly father’s day gifts so that it’s super easy for you to choose something nice for dad this year.

A great way to include all things dad would need is to make a father’s day gift basket and style it to his needs, or wants. 



Make a father’s day gift basket



To start with, find a vessel of some sort to hold the gifts, something useful, recycled or old and cool! Like a vintage wooden box or old tin pail.

Try adding items like gourmet sweet and savoury snacks from bulk food outlets, farmers market goodies, eco-friendly personal care items, ethical and sustainable clothing, a Travel Cup and Travel Bowl for on-the-go, a Mug for home-brewed coffee. What about a Growler for dad to refill at his favourite local craft beer brewery?!

Our fathers and father figures play a special role in our lives and this Father’s Day, show them how much you appreciate all they do and have done in your life. 



1. Travel Kit For Dad  



How’s dad’s sustainability game going? It could be time to pimp dad out this father’s day, minimise waste and get cracking on that sustainable journey with our popular Travel Kit! A BYO coffee cup and bowl to take out and about, to a local cafe haunt, work, golf, fishing, to the beach, camping, or on those long road trips.

Don't let dad forget the leftovers from last night's dinner and resort to yet another pie! Make sure he shows up wherever it is in style with one of our many cool Ceramic Travel Bowls!  

For that coffee-on-the-go kind of dad, the Ceramic Travel Cup is a no brainer and most importantly planet friendly!  

Our unique Ceramic Travel Kits are sure to be enjoyed for years to come. 




2. Mug + T-Shirt Combo



Help dad to start his special day off right with a handmade ceramic mug! Mugs are a Father's Day Gift staple, and dads simply love theirs. Whether it's for their morning pick-me-up or their evening nightcap you can’t go wrong with our great range of shapes and sizes! 

How’s dad’s T-shirt wardrobe faring? Add a 100% cotton ‘Reusable Revolution’ Tee or muscle Tee to his life, designed by us! 




3. Homebrew + Takeaway Kit 



Set dad up with a father’s day gift for home and a gift for work. The Homebrew + Takeaway Kit  is made up of a handmade Ceramic Mug - ideal for the dad who struggles to function without their early morning caffeine fix at home to get through the day. Also a Ceramic Travel Cup for a few more daily brews between work and play.


Grab a Gift Card



Still not sure what to get your dad for father’s day?

For those dads who have their own specific taste, why not allow them to choose their own hues or explore beyond our Father’s Day Collection online, and choose their own handmade piece of pottery with a father’s day gift card.