How To Style Your Tableware For Easter

by Pottery For The Planet on March 28, 2022

The 2022 Easter Holidays (Good Friday on April 14th - Easter Monday, April 18th, not that we’re counting…) are nearly upon us. Between chasing up RSVP responses, baby proofing the kitchen for your new niece and ensuring there are dairy-free Easter eggs for your lactose-intolerant friends, Easter hosting can feel overwhelming! 

That’s why we put together a handy guide to take one thing off your plate - here are our top tips for Easter table styling! It might have fallen to the bottom of your to-do list, but the table really is the centre of an Easter lunch. It’s where the family favourites are plated, the laughs are had, the wine poured and the memories made. 

The Easter Menu

Before you get into your Easter table styling, all decor details a’ blazing, it’s important to think about what’s actually going on the table. Here are a few recommendations for the menu, to create a stress-free and beautiful Easter table setting:

1. Share the load/make a group chat:

You have enough to do as the host! So ask your friends and family to help contribute to the feast so you can enjoy the Easter festivities too. Have everyone bring a dish! We recommend a group chat so you can ensure you don’t end up with four desserts and a single main. While that might not be a problem for those of you with a sweet tooth, a little coordination can help.

2. Focus on seasonal/local grocery shopping: 

Wherever you can, shop local. Not only will you be supporting small businesses and minimising your impact on the planet, using local produce means using seasonal produce. Your dishes will have a charming Autumnal feel. Make your meal stand out with the smell of freshly baked sourdough and the particularly vibrant colour palette of Aussie grown fruit and vege.

3. Keep it simple:

People might be talking about your honey hammed roast for years to come, but you’ll likely only recall trying to ensure everyone got a slice while it was still hot. Keep things simple by making salads and sides you can prep the day before and serve chilled on the day.

We love our Travel Bowls for exactly this purpose! No need for tricky tupperware to serving bowl transitions or single-use plastic wrap solutions. Simply take off the lid and serve in style.

Cheeses, focaccia, crackers and dips are hassle-free easy staples to complement your mains. 

The Easter Table Setting and Decor

So you ensured your guests aren’t coming empty-handed, whipped up a maple Dijon potato salad and picked out a triple brie - time to move on to the table setting!


1. The Table Cloth: 

Refrain from reaching for the florals and bunny-themed serviettes too soon, a beautiful table setting needs a beautiful base.

Linens will add a rustic touch with texture. Pick colours that suit the Autumn season with mustard yellows, burnt oranges, crisp pinks or creamy neutrals. 

Add a table runner in a complementary shade. You could lay one flat, or opt for a casual drape. We picked another linen, knotted it at the centre and left the tails to lightly crease and fold for an earthy and undone look. 

2. The Easter Tableware: 

Tableware is often forgotten in event planning, especially if you’re accustomed to uninspired, stock standard white sets found in just about every family home. Set your table apart by picking one of Pottery For The Planet’s artisan-crafted glazes for an elegant and coordinated matching set. Can’t pick just one? Pick up a few sets in different glazes to mix and match for something uniquely your own. You could even assign each guest a glaze - ditch place cards and offer your guests ‘Raspberry Beret’, ‘Desert Sand’ or ‘Chilli Chocolate’ as their seat!



3. Your Easter Table Setting For Each Guest:

  1. Start with a Dinner Plate for each guest. 
  2. Stack with a Side Plate  and Bowl, or place both to the side. Tip: Save $32 when you purchase all three (Dinner Plate, Side Plate and Pasta Bowl) in our Settle In Set.

  • Add cutlery - a traditional setting calls for a salad fork, dinner fork on dinner knife and dinner spoon if you want to get fancy!
  • Add a wine glass
  • Finish with a napkin.


4. Showcase Your Easter Food Creations:

Opt for functional Ceramic Tableware here in order to feed a crowd. Pick serveware with spacious bases and wide mouths for easy access. Keep it functional enough to feed a crowd, but don’t sacrifice aesthetics. Our Salad Bowls feature the same captivating glazes as our Plates and Bowls and make for instant centrepieces as well as stylish serveware. 

Pepper your table with Pour Bowls and fill with salad dressings to add to your dishes once everyone’s seated. This way you can keep your salads fresh and add a touch of foodie theatre. 

Give guests Share Bowls so each can create their favourite flavour combinations on the side.

Fill in table gaps with Dip Bowls & Pinch Bowls brimming with dips, sauces, relishes and fresh or dried herbs and spices for easy grazing. 

For The Finishing Touches

1. Florals: 

A must for any table, flowers add an earthy touch of class. This autumn, pick dried Australian natives for a seasonal colour scheme. A few simple stems in one of our Vases make for sweet and simple table additions. 

2. Sweet treats:

Dot chocolates or hot cross buns along with your table runner for nibbling and a touch of this holiday’s spirit! It is Easter after all.

3. Decor:

Set the mood! Fairy lights are an easy flame-free way for an ambient setting that the kiddies can be part of. If you’re hosting a kid-free crowd, candles are a classic. We opted for a couple of pumpkins, an easy, waste-free autumn decor idea.

Feeling less overwhelmed now that you have a few ideas for your menu and styling? It’s time to get inspired! Shop the Easter Collection below!

Find your favourite glazes, shapes and styles. Whether you're a colour coordinating connoisseur or eclectic glaze mixer, there is a Pottery For The Planet Piece for you - waiting to be centre stage at your Easter lunch and beyond! 


Don’t forget to tag us in your Easter setting pictures on Instagram with #potteryfortheplanet if you used any of these tips or some of our collection to bring your event together!