Must Have Baby Chino Cups

by Ella Smith on March 08, 2023

Frothy Fun For The Young (And Young At Heart) 

Welcome to the world of baby chino and baby chino cups! Find out what a baby chino is, why they are gaining in popularity, and (more importantly)... How to get your hands on the perfect Cup for your little one!


Reusable Babycino Cups

What is a Baby chino?

Whether you call it a “baby chino”, "babycino," or “babyccino” there's no denying that this little cuppa has become a beloved part of cafe culture - but what is it? This cappacino-look-alike drink is made up of warmed milk which is frothed, often served with a sprinkle of cinnamon or chocolate powder on top. While it may seem like a modern invention, its history surprisingly dates back a couple of decades!


Babyccino Cups Reusable



This drink first became popular in Italy in the 1990s. At the time, Italian parents would often take their children to cafes for an espresso or cappuccino. However, these strong, bitter drinks were not suitable for young palates. To accommodate their littler customers, cafes began offering a small creative cup of warm milk with a dusting of cocoa powder. This new drink in little cups quickly became a hit with children, and the baby chino was born.


Health Benefits:

A staple at breakfasts and brunches, you’ll spot children sipping from baby chino cups while their carers enjoy a slightly larger morning coffee from their own reusable cups. Parents are increasingly favouring these cups of frothy milk, not just for their novelty value, but as a, kid friendly menu option.  

Parents are opting for them as an alternative to sugary drinks and other unhealthy treats. They’re also perfect for lactose free kids! Often available in cows, oat, almond or coconut milk.


Baby Chino Ceramic Cups


The Perfect Babyccino Cup

For those little ones who like to enjoy their frothy treat at home and the cafe our 4oz ceramic coffee cups make the perfect baby chino cups, get them for your home or on the go here at Pottery For The Planet. Their petite size makes them perfect for tiny hands! With a Travel Lid to prevent spills and and a smooth ceramic surface which is easy to clean it's an easy, kid friendly, single-use swap! Plus, they come in a variety of cute designs that little ones adore and you will love snapping Intsa-worthy pics of (accompanied by milk mustaches no doubt.) 

The baby chino isn't just a popular drink - it’s become a social media sensation. With Instagram posts and TikTok videos galore, baby chino cups have become an institution amongst rad dads and trendy mums. Don’t be fooled by the hype though - they’re not just for kids! Try this 4oz wonder out as a reusable coffee cup for your piccolo! Ditch your disposables in favour of this ceramic coffee cup and make both mums and bubs jealous with your sustainable style! 

If you're feeling adventurous, why not order one (maybe slightly more caffeinated) cup for yourself? After all - who says kids should have all the fun? You can find our reusable coffee cup twist below!


Mum And Baby Matching Reusable Cups


Alternatively, if you like your coffees a little larger, get a matching “one for you and one for Bub” set by purchasing a 4oz Travel Cup for your little one and a 6oz, 8oz or 12oz ceramic coffee cup for yourself!