Green Friday - A Sustainable Alternative

by Ella Smith on November 14, 2022
Mystery Cup

Our Green Friday Deal!

Introducing our 2022 Green Friday Mystery Box! As part of our partnership with Green Friday, we are offering a free Mystery Cup with every Travel Cup ordered over the Green Friday weekend (18–21st November). Simply add your favourite Cup in the size and glaze of your choice and you will receive an additional Travel Cup in a mystery glaze of the same size, completely free of charge.


What is Green Friday?

Created in response to Black Friday, Green Friday seeks to combat the rampant overconsumption that various Black Friday discounts and deals prompt. 


Consumerism underpins the economics our society is built upon, making every moment of more mindful consumption a radical act. Green Friday is helping everyday Australians shape their impact by partnering with sustainable and ethical brands. Each brand meets a sustainability framework, offering shoppers eco-minded alternatives to other less planet-friendly products.


Why Pottery?

Shopping for yourself or finding the perfect gift is never easy! It’s even harder when trying to ensure said shopping doesn’t harm people or the planet in its production process!

It can be disheartening as Christmas draws nearer to see storefronts increasingly filled with novelty decorations and wasteful wares. Rest assured when you shop with Pottery For The Planet, you’re supporting our ethos of ethically handmade products crafted with the earth in mind.

All of our products are made with the utmost attention to environmentally-friendly detail. Our packaging is predominantly sourced from recycled cardboard, at every opportunity we work to minimise freight/transport, and of course, all our Pottery For The Planet pieces are made to be loved for a lifetime! Not discarded to landfilled come January. 

Pottery For The Planet is proud to stand alongside other mission-focused and heart lead labels doing what they can for people and the planet alike. Pottery For The Planet began crafting the reusable Travel CupsOur hope was and continues to be, to eliminate the use of disposable coffee cups, replacing plastic with pottery pieces made to last.


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