Tea Tree Bay Joins The Pottery Family!

by Ella Smith on November 11, 2022
Tea Tree Bay Travel Cups And Bowls


Tea Tree Bay Travel Cups and Travel Bowls 

(Re)Introducing the Tea Tree Bay glaze!

This popular glaze was originally launched as a limited edition Travel Cup for The Noosa Festival Of Surfing–which took place in the rolling waves of Queensland’s Tea Tree Bay! Just a ten-minute drive from our Noosaville local studio, we are lucky to have this peaceful pocket of the coast nearby. 

Our Pottery For The Planet glazes are often drawn from Mother Nature’s palette and our Tea Tree Bay glaze is no exception! The actual Tea Tree Bay is renowned for the steep, hollow waves that sweep in at low tide and the slow, fat waves of high tide. It is this tide as well as the shore it rolls over that inspired our potters. 

Each Travel Cup and Travel Bowl in this glaze features a simple but elegant sandy base, complemented by a kaleidoscope of cool ocean blues. 


Tea Tree Bay Travel Cup
Travel Cups 

Our best-selling Travel Cups receive a splash of salted, sandy creams and pristine water hues in this glaze–as if dipped in the Tea Tree Bay shoreline itself! Available in all our sizes (4oz, 6oz, 8oz and 12oz) there is a reusable coffee cup in the Tea Tree Bay glaze for every coffee order!


Travel Bowls

The Tea Tree Travel Bowl adds an elevated touch of aesthetic to any meal moment. With two sizes available (small and large) you can pack yours with your at-the-office lunch, prep for a picnic or plate up at outdoor parties and backyard BBQs. It is truly an ideal ceramic container for any dish.


Travel Kits

Create a Travel Kit by pairing a Travel Cup with a Travel Bowl and you are sustainably set for meals and cuppas that are convenient as well as eco-friendly. This pair also makes for a gorgeous gift! 


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Why Travel Cups and Bowls?

Not just a pretty face, our Travel Cups and Travel Bowls are designed for sustainable, on-the-go sipping and snacking. Pottery For The Planet began with a mission to eliminate single-use plastic, a mission we are still on today. 

So much of the waste we generate finds its way into our oceans, endangering sea life, damaging delicate ecosystems and polluting the environment. Styrofoam coffee cups are a major perpetrator. They cannot be recycled, and plastic-lined coffee cup sleeves, plastic stirrers and lids are unnecessary additional pieces of waste. Single-use takeaway food containers are also detrimental, many cannot be recycled and even when recycling is possible, are frequently misplaced in rubbish bins destined for landfill. 

Making the switch to reusable though has never been easier! These reusable ceramic Travel Cups and Travel Bowls are as practical and planet friendly, as they are beautiful. Plus, we love how the seascape on these Tea Tree Bays strengthens our resolve to keep fighting for our ocean’s future. Find out more about why we love (and need!) reusables in our blog post, Why Reusables


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