Why We're Participating In Green Friday

by Ella Smith on June 02, 2023
Green Friday Mystery Box Travel Cups


Introducing our exciting Green Friday deal for 2023! As part of our Green Friday partnership, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Mystery Box. Starting from June 2nd and running until June 9th, you can take advantage of this limited-time offer and nab a sustainable surprise.

Purchase any Travel Cup in the size of your choice and receive a complimentary Cup in a mystery glaze of the same size, completely free!




More about the Green Friday Shopping Event

Green Friday is a sustainable shopping event dedicated to promoting eco-friendly products and practices. It goes beyond traditional consumerism by highlighting environmentally conscious products and encouraging shoppers to make mindful purchases. Green Friday aims to create awareness about sustainability, encourage responsible consumption, and support businesses that prioritize eco-friendly initiatives.



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Are Sales Events Greenwashing?

Ever asked yourself why even sustainable businesses do sales? Big sales events can feel greenwashy - we get it, but they’re also crucial to businesses, even eco/ethical ones! While some may argue that focusing on sales contradicts the principles of sustainability, sales enable sustainable brands to have a wider impact and drive real change. By generating revenue, values driven brands can invest in research and development, innovation, and infrastructure improvements to further enhance their eco-friendly practices.

Partnerships and events like Green Friday also allow sustainable brands to reach a different audience and educate consumers about the importance of making eco-friendly choices. Moreover, sustainable brands can leverage their sales success to influence and inspire other businesses to adopt more sustainable practices, creating a ripple effect throughout industries.

Additionally, sometimes reaching audiences accustomed to the marketing strategies of bigger brands (that can rely entirely on sales) means we need to play the same game! It's our hope to promote conscious consumerism and that requires reaching many different audiences, not just the folks already onboard. 

Green Friday represents all of these things for Pottery For The Planet: a chance for us to catalyse growth, improve our own practices and grow our conscious community!

Find out more about our values and ongoing sustainability commitments: 


Small Travel Cup Collection For Green Friday Mystery Boxes


Why Travel Cups?

Travel Cups play a vital role in reducing waste and eliminating the use of disposable coffee cups. According to Australian statistics, approximately 1 billion disposable cups are used annually, contributing to a significant environmental impact. Opting for reusables is a small change that can make a big difference in reducing plastic waste.

While more isn’t always better (as we know facing a climate crisis driven by consumerism) we hope our Green Friday partnership will help you stick to your own eco-friendly habits (one of our simplest tips for remembering your reusables is to have two! One you can keep in your car or at work, and one for your bag or at home), or spread awareness by gifting one to someone you want to help along their plastic free journey.

Join us for our Green Friday event and take advantage of our Mystery Box promotion to make your own positive impact while enjoying every sip.