Beyond Plastic Free July

by Ella Smith on August 16, 2023

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Beyond Plastic Free July: Making Sustainable Habits Stick

Are you looking for ways to make your Plastic Free July commitments last all year? We know it can be difficult to stick with a commitment after the month of July has passed, that’s why we have compiled some tips and tricks to help you stay on track. From finding plastic alternatives you love, to applying the principles of habit stacking - these are just a few of the things that will help keep your plastic-free journey going throughout the year. So if you want to continue your Plastic Free streak and make sure your July resolutions stick, read on!


Fact: You're more likely to meet a goal when you share it (with someone whose opinion you value)


Create Accountability:

Accountability plays a crucial role in reducing plastic waste, particularly when it comes to the collective effort of a community. This community acts as a support system, encouraging each other to make conscious, plastic free choices that favour the environment. For instance, you could organise a beeswax wrap-making evening with friends so you can all ditch cling film or create a mug library at your workplace to help your team ditch single-use coffee cups.

When you have social support on your sustainability journey, you can celebrate little wins and further foster motivation. You also have the opportunity to share what you are learning along the way, aiding you and your community in making plastic-free living easier and easier. Not to mention, that when we work together the impact we have multiplies and seeing these results is a strong motivating force to continue.

How To Create A Plastic Free Community:

  • Run or attend events with a group
  • Implement a mug library at work (like our Borrow Cup System)
  • Have your household commit to to go cling wrap, single use coffee cup or prepackaged vege free.


    Stay Motivated:

    Immersing oneself in climate-related media can be an effective strategy to maintain the motivation to remain committed to a plastic-free lifestyle beyond just July. Positive news about environmental successes can renew our hope and optimism. Seeing successful sustainable efforts also reinforces the fact that our individual efforts do make a difference.

    On the other hand, more sobering news about the state of our planet can serve as a wake-up call. Stories about the impact of plastic pollution on marine life or the increasing levels of microplastics in our food chain can strengthen our resolve to remain proactive in our mission towards a cleaner, greener planet.

    How To Use Media To Motivate Yourself:

    • Positive environmental news renews hope and optimism.
    • Sobering news about plastic pollution reinforces commitment.
    • Subscribe to newsletters and follow social media accounts.
    • Incorporate them into your daily routine (try reading an article over lunch!).
    • Tip! We love these Good News climate updates.  

       What IS Habit Stacking Graphic?

      Try Habit Stacking:

      This concept involves adding a new habit onto an existing one, making it easier to adopt. For example, if you already have a habit of creating a grocery list each week, try incorporating the new habit of making your list and then packing your reusable bags and containers for deli foods/meats. This way, when you go shopping it becomes much easier to avoid using single-use plastics as this new habit piggybacks off of something that is already part of your routine.

      By making small changes related to existing habits rather than attempting drastic lifestyle overhauls at once, it can also be much easier for us all to develop sustainable practices that we can maintain long-term!

      How To Habit Stack

      • Identify an existing habit/part of your routine.
        • Select a new, sustainable habit, such as using a Reusable Coffee Cup.
        • Choose a "trigger" action that concludes your first habit.
        • Stack them! Do your new habit right after the "trigger" action.


        Swapping To Reusable Coffee Cups Using Habit Stacking


          Make It Easy:

          Despite the progress made in our 5 million years of human evolution, our brains are still guided by primitive instincts to seek pleasurable sensations (like a full stomach or warm fire). Convenience feels good, which might not seem like a big deal except that it's our tendency to choose what is easy that has lead to such rampant use of single-use plastics.

          The good news is brains can be rewired! We stay committed to our plastic-free swaps because we're rewarded by the knowledge that we've done something that contributes to the health of the planet. Sustain this positive experience by opting for reusable items that consistently evoke positive emotions

          By incorporating reusable alternatives you enjoy, you will train your brain to automatically seek plastic-free options. Find reusables/plastic alternatives that speak to your values (like made locally or sustainably) and that reflect your style. This way, you imbue them with a sense of personal relevance that will keep them in your plastic-free toolkit.

          How To Train Your Brain:

          • Our brains are wired to seek pleasure, which you can use to your advantage.
          • Knowing we are doing good makes us feel good.
          • Find plastic alternatives that you love using.
          • This will sustain that good feeling and keep up the plastic-free momentum. 


          How To Build Sustainable Habits Summary:

          • Create community: share your commitment with others.
          • Fill your feed: Use climate-related news to motivate you.
          • Habit stack: Pair a new sustainable habit with one already in your routine.
          • Rewire your brain: Find reusable alternatives with personal relevance.


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          Living a plastic-free lifestyle is no easy task, but with the right mindset and dedication, it can be done! By creating accountability through community, immersing yourself in climate-related media, utilising habit stacking as well as making your journey enjoyable you can keep up your sustainable commitments. It takes a conscious effort to stay motivated, informed and to incentivise eco-friendly choices, but armed with the right knowledge and tools you can set yourself up for a plastic-free life, not just a Plastic Free July!

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