Plastic Free July Swap Ideas

by Ella Smith on July 09, 2023


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As a sustainable business, we recognize the importance of minimizing plastic waste and actively participating in this initiative. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of Plastic Free July, the benefits of going plastic-free, and share the commitments our team members have made to inspire our community.


What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is an annual campaign initiated by the Plastic Free Foundation, aiming to raise awareness about the environmental impacts of single-use plastics and promote sustainable alternatives. Throughout the month, participants are encouraged to refuse single-use plastics and find creative solutions to minimize their plastic footprint. By challenging ourselves to go plastic-free, we can collectively drive positive change and contribute to a healthier planet.


Why Go Plastic Free:

Environmental benefits:

Plastic items, such as straws, bottles, and food packaging, contribute significantly to landfill waste and marine debris. Opting for sustainable alternatives helps minimize the amount of waste generated and lessens the burden on our ecosystems. By going plastic free you could help combat the:

  • One million tonnes of Australia’s annual plastic consumption is single-use plastic 84% of plastic is sent to landfill and only 13% is recycled.

  • 12 billion metric tons of plastic waste estimated to be in landfills or the environment by 2050 if current production and waste management trends continue.

  • Every ton of plastic waste in landfills releases about 3 tons of carbon dioxide.


Travel Bowls


Swap single use coffee cups for our sustainably made Travel Bowls!




  1. Healthier Choices: Using these alternatives not only reduces plastic waste in the environment but also in your own bodily systems! Swapping to reusables saves you from potential exposure to harmful microchemicals found in single-use cardboard and plastic containers.

  2. Budget: Many businesses, including cafes and restaurants, offer incentives like discounts to customers who bring their reusable coffee cups. Not to mention, bottled water is 2900 times more expensive than filling up your own with tap water!

  3. Quality and Taste: Certain products, such as coffee, tend to taste better when consumed from reusable containers (ceramic is best! read all about it).


Travel Cups


Make a  big difference with this little swap! Instead of single use coffee cups, try our sustainably made Travel Cups!




What Our Team is Doing:

At Pottery For The Planet, our team members are leading by example and making conscious choices to reduce plastic consumption. Here are some of the commitments our staff members have made:


Ditch plastic toothbrushes this Plastic Free July

Ditching Plastic Toothpaste Tubes and Toothbrushes:

Aleesha is switching from plastic toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes to jarred toothpaste and bamboo brushes. Plastic toothbrushes contribute to the staggering statistic of over 23 billion brushes discarded annually, and toothpaste tubes cannot be recycled due to their composition. By making this swap, Aleesha is reducing plastic waste and opting for more sustainable oral care alternatives.


Ditch plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles this Plastic Free July

Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars:

Hannah has decided to embrace solid shampoo and conditioner bars, eliminating the need for plastic packaging. Cosmetic and personal care packaging accounts for a significant portion of plastic waste, with nearly 120 billion units produced each year. By opting for solid bars, Hannah is reducing her plastic footprint and promoting sustainable hair care practices.


Ditch bin bags this Plastic Free July

Repurposing Clay Bags for Garbage:

Stephen will repurpose the clay bags our business receives as garbage bags instead of buying plastic ones from the supermarket. By finding creative ways to reuse these bags, Stephen is giving them a second life while reducing his reliance on single-use plastics.


Ditch tea bags for loose leaf tea leaves this Plastic Free July

Swapping Tea Bags for Loose Leaf Tea:

Bec is swapping out tea bags for loose leaf tea in a tea infuser. While tea bags may seem harmless, they often contain microplastics that can leach into our beverages. By opting for loose leaf tea, Bec will enjoy a healthier and plastic-free tea experience.


Plastic Free Deodorant

Plastic Free Deodorant:

Bigna is going plastic-free with her deodorant. Instead, she's found options that come in packaging made from eco-friendly materials such as cardboard, paper, or metal which can be recycled or decomposed! Plus some plastic-free deodorants focus on being suited to people with sensitive skin or those who prefer to minimize their exposure to certain ingredients. 


Replace plastic grocery bags with reusable produce bags

Replacing Plastic Produce Bags With Fabric Ones:

Single-use plastic bags, provided by grocers, contribute to plastic pollution, harm ecosystems and threaten the lives of marine and terrestrial animals. Darien has transitioned to reusable grocery bags.  These are generally made from durable and eco-friendly materials such as canvas, cotton, jute, or recycled materials. These materials have a lower environmental impact compared to disposable plastic bags, which require significant resources to produce and often take hundreds of years to break down.



Join Our Community:

Small actions create big change! Our team's commitments during Plastic Free July serve as examples of how small changes in our daily routines can contribute to significant environmental impact. By sharing our experiences and encouraging our customers and community members to participate, we aim to foster a collective movement towards greener and kinder living.

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