Pottery For The Planet Reusable Ceramic Coffee Cup 8oz
Pottery For The Planet Reusable Ceramic Coffee Cup 4oz Piccolo Cup
Pottery For The Planet Reusable Ceramic Coffee Cup 6oz
Pottery For The Planet Reusable Ceramic Coffee Cup 12oz
Pottery For The Planet Midnight on Mars Travel Cup
Midnight On Mars Being Held By Woman

Midnight On Mars Ceramic Travel Cup


Midnight On Mars Ceramic Coffee Cup

These reusable coffee cups are perfect for drinks on the go. Or remove the lid and add a little colour into your home collection.

Click here to grab a Heat Band for your reusable cup - if you like your drinks hot!

This ceramic teacup with a lid is perfect for all of your hot teas and coffees on the go.
Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming and wondering how amazing it would be to see down on Earth from the outside in? Well, Midnight On Mars will take you to another planet with its psychedelic blend of galactic colours.

The Midnight On Mars Planet Cup begins with a moody black glaze representing the night sky. As the planets make their way and the sun begins the day, the sky turns on an array of dreamy colours. Much like the sky at sunrise, this cup then turns into a beautiful turquoise-blue glaze. Following the colours of the day you begin to notice a haze of sun-kissed gold mixing into our all-time favourite earthy coral glaze as the sun starts to set, making way for our planets to come back and play!

May we keep Mars in our dreams and our Planet green…By purchasing this reusable, ceramic keep cup you are choosing to help save our Planet Earth.
Available in Smooth.

Black 100% silicon lid.

All cups are handmade and one of a kind. You will receive a ceramic teacup with a lid similar to the cups pictured but there are no two the same. Variations in size, colour and markings is what makes them unique!  

Pottery For The Planet Cups are made of ceramic and must be handled with care. Ceramic will crack if knocked or dropped.

Specifications are approximate because although we do our best to keep things uniform being handmade you can expect variations in size, weight, shape, texture, pattern and volume. Pottery For The Planet Cups are designed to fit into most cup holders in cars and prams.

4oz Piccolo Cup - height 8-9cm, width 6.5-7.5cm, volume 120ml, weight 160-180g
6oz - height 8-9cm, width 7.5-8.5cm, volume 180ml, weight 180-220g
8oz - height 10-11cm, width 8.5-9.5cm, volume 240ml, weight 220-260g
12oz - height 12-13cm, width 8.5-9.5cm, volume 350ml, weight 260-320g
NOTE - specifications are approximate. Height includes the lid.

Made in Australia.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Infantino
Love it.

Perfect cup. Nice size - 12 oz. Beautiful colors. Nice finish. Wife loves it!

Richard Infantino
Great cup!

Love it. Nice size -12oz. Keeps the beverage hot. Catchy design. Would buy another.


Love my cup!!

Beautiful coffee cups

I have been looking for a reusable coffee cup for ages and finally I found one that I love! They are stylish, come in many pretty colours/designs and of course more environmentally-friendly than disposable cups. Customer service was really great too, as I had originally ordered the larger size; only to realise later that the regular size was more suitable for me. I had reached out and asked if we could change to a regular size and they were able to do this without any hassles. Thank you!

Was our pleasure to serve you Kat.
Thanks for your review. We're delighted that you love our glaze selection.


Stunning. What a beautifully made and unique piece of pottery. I love using my piccolo travel cup. The cup itself is very practical the the silicone lid fits so snuggly.
I highly recommend this shop and product.

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